Unpublish All for Specific Tiers

So, I’m planning to do a Book of the Month feature for my followers. This would give them, temporary, serialized access to a book available in one of the paid tiers. Right now, my options at the end of the month is either unpublish to all tiers (which will be fastest, but will cause the tier that’s supposed to always have access to get an additional notification when I republish it) or unpublish all 45 chapters individually.

Can we get a feature where Unpublish All allows us to specify either All Tiers or Specific Tiers?


Sorry i forgot to reply, but we did read your suggestion.

We are currently working on a whole new scheduler with ‘by tier’ options. It should also be easier to schedule unpublish chapters as well.


I would certainly love a scheduler that could be told to, on specific calendar days, bump one chapter of each tier, down to follower. Better still would be specifying which tiers are involved and in what order, in case an author has a tier that’s doing something different. Mine are in the common 3-tier format for membership, so it wouldn’t apply to me, but I can imagine that there are edge cases that wouldn’t work for simply bumping chapters up for all tiers.

And I just thought of one: Some authors might want to have more detailed sex scenes kept behind a membership tier, though I have no idea Ream’s policy on such. I’m a fade-to-black writer, so I haven’t looked it up.

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