Welcome to Ream β€” the subscription platform by fiction authors for fiction authors

The Ream Forum is a place to discuss, learn, and ask questions about Ream, the subscription platform by fiction authors for fiction authors.

This forum is primarily for authors on Ream, however, readers are more than welcome. In terms of navigating this forum, it is best to search up questions before you ask as there is a good chance they have been answered previously.

When engaging on the forum, it is important to be respectful and kind. In addition, when making posts/new topics please ask clear questions and use relevant hashtags when possible such as #bug or #featurerequest to ensure that other authors can easily search and discover your questions.

For those who are new to Ream, we are a platform to host your community, publish stories, and connect with readers. We are open to all genres of fiction and make a promise to never censor our steamy romance authors.

We are founded by a small team of fiction authors and storytellers that created this platform to be the home we always wish we had to connect with our readers.

As of spring 2023, Ream is primarily designed to help you connect with your existing readers and generate a sustainable, recurring income through subscriptions.

We are free to get started on for authors and only make money when you do (a simple 10% fee plus payment processing… netting our authors roughly 85% royalties on average).

To learn more about the general FAQs of Ream, check out our FAQ and Guidelines Page.