Does the highest tier include all others automatically?

If someone is subscribed to the highest tier of an author’s Ream, will they automatically be subscribed to ALL the other tiers, or is that something readers and authors can choose to set differently?

I’m thinking about having five tiers, but only one of the tiers (tier 3) will be an NSFW tier. I am wondering if clean/sweet readers will be able to bypass the NSFW tier to join the higher tiers or if everyone who subscribes to the highest tier automatically gets ALL the other tiers.

Thanks in advance!

This is an amazing question! The answer is that readers who join higher tiers are not automatically grandfathered into other tiers. For each piece of content (a chapter or a community post) you can select the tiers it is visible to. Making one story visible to a lower or high-priced tier does not make it visible by default to other tiers… you have full control over that and must select those tiers individually. I hope this makes sense!


It makes perfect sense, and thank you so much for the help!

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Of course! Very glad this was helpful :).

I wondered about this too. Thanks! I appreciate having this level of control over what subscribers have access to.

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