Is $0.00 tier possible?

Apart from having a ‘public’ option, is it possible to set up a tier at $0.00 as a free subscription, as a way to have better overview over non-paying readers? Would that generate bank charges or cause some other issue?


Sorry no one has replied to this yet, it’s really similar to a few others so I think it got skipped in my brain :crazy_face:

But to answer your question, we will have to see how Public Tiers end up working. Ideally, it is a free tier where the author gets basic subscriber info to use in data. That’s what we’re shooting for!

I can say that you can’t have a transaction without something to transact, so like 30-50 cents would be a minimum and the author would get nothing in that scenario. The reader would pay just to appear on a transaction log. Which is meh at best honestly. OR flip side, author pays for each 0.00 transaction, which could easily become terrible, practically a weapon against an author. It would be simpler and more practical to go “free” and not “$0.00” because mandatory minimum transaction fees for transactions.

I hope that helps!

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I was thinking that ‘public’ means readers can read without logging in/creating a reader’s account on Ream. If that’s the case, I would want to be able to have the free tier to be able to see who my free readers are and interact with them also.

I also had a question about a FREE tier. But, are you saying that ‘Public’ is indeed a free tier that I could offer to subscribers. I was thinking of offering the first 5 chapters of my series starters for FREE to entice readers to join the paying tiers, but it seems as if I could create another tier, simply upload the chapters and check the ‘Public’ box. Ia that right?

However, it is impossible to create a tier without inputting a cost, so how does that work?

Above, I was mainly trying to tell the difference between a $0.00 and a free option, because someone has to pay if a transaction is created.

So, I don’t know if it will be… Say your allowed to have one tier at a time that’s free? A Sneak Peak option on the tier page for public content? Or an option to read 24hrs free before you decide? So Don’t Quote Me when I say a “free option”. Some version of a free/public tier is on the short list of features to work on, I just don’t know what it’s going to look like.

The Ream Team reads all our mental gymnastics and will do their best to stear to the main/best/practical version of the feature, and I know a few ideas on this forum have helped with roadblocks on other ideas. So don’t hesitate to spill your ideas for “free/public”

Working around transaction fees to get something truly free but still having reader information is the needle they need to thread, and Ream has been aware that some free something is crucial for everyone’s business.

I’m anxiously waiting for it too! It’s hard to wait for a personal top 3 feature :weary:

I’m following the conversation here via email, and because I’m waiting to see if my migraine meds will work, going to the forum to read back through everything else isn’t an option, but has anyone already mentioned a non-transactional option to “follow” an author to get their public updates? That way they aren’t subscribing, but they get notified whenever something is made available publicly.

You can not have a $0.00 transaction. It would lose you money because the minimum amount for a transaction is $0.33 (this is due to payment processing fees). We will have the ability to follow authors on Ream. Ream wants to be a home for your reader community. 90%+ of your readers at any given point are likely to be free members of your community. Building a home for them in the same space as your paid membership is part of our vision and you should see big steps towards this by end of summer. We’d also hope to be able to provide you with ways to capture their emails and connect off Ream as well (as well as send them emails for things on Ream). Think of it like a combination between your own social media platform and a mailing list. I’d say those use cases are what we are looking to solve in the future, and we will be taking steps towards that in the next 100 days.


Yes, this was asked here: Follow an author ("free tier")

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