Scheduling, Upgrading tiers, Tax form & more

Unsure where to pose my many questions on REAM – here or on the FB group. Let me know and I’ll move it to the right spot. Thanks much in advance.

  1. Is there a one-click button to get readers to sign up to a higher tier at the end of a chapter or prologue from a lower tier? Didn’t see one, so I added a CTA at the end of a chapter/prologue, telling them to upgrade to next tier to read the rest. A little clunky and not pretty.

  2. Perhaps it’s user error, but I can’t seem to get chapters uploaded (1) in bulk on the date or (2) at the time I need them. Seems like the chapters still queue one at a time. Plus, the date I set on top is not what the scheduler shows. Is this just me?

  3. I have direct pricing vs managed by Ream (wasn’t there when I joined). Since I manage my own sales taxes, I presume I don’t have to submit a USA Gov W-8 Ben for tax withholding purposes? I’ll ask my accountant but let me know if you know.

  4. Do you provide a paid service where a skilled and experienced (in subscription platforms) third party would go over my lengthy email auto-sequence and my subscription page to give me a good critique based on industry best practices?


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Hello Tikiri!

I will answer these in order. This is a great place for Ream specific questions as anyone can see these on the internet, not just members of the FB Group.

  1. There is an automatic upgrade/CTA at the end of a lower tier chapter to a higher tier one. You probably didn’t see this because as an author you can automatically see all chapters in a story. But your readers don’t unless you give them access to those chapters for the tier they are in. If a reader doesn’t have access to a chapter it looks like this:

  2. Hmm this sounds like it may be a bug. If you can reach out to we can take a look at what may be happening. Send us a screenshot of what you are trying to enter in as your publication date when setting a schedule and then the date it shows up as. This can help us start to see the problem and replicate it on our end (then we can fix it).

  3. Sales Tax + VAT and income tax are separate. Direct makes you the merchant of record and allows you to have lower/no payout fees-- it’s essentially no middlemen between you and your readers. This makes you liable for Sales Tax and VAT as the author. We automate collection of these fees but you have to file and remit them yourselves. I am not a CPA-- however, many authors do not hit these limits and it does not typically present a huge headache. However, for authors who never want to worry about Sales Tax, going Ream Managed makes us the merchant of record and liable for Sales Tax and VAT. In this situation, these fees are not ever owed by you which is why we file and remit them to the relevant authorities. There are pros and cons to each option (namely that Managed has higher payout fees since we become the middleman). We are the only platform that gives our authors an option of how they want to set up their business with us. As far as income tax goes, you will be issued the relevant income tax form at the end of the tax year just like you would on any other retailer/platform/etc. Since Ream Inc is based in the United States, you would be issued a W8 BEN. The information you filled out for payout onboarding is all the information we will need to generate this form for you. So if you receive any money from Ream, you are already set to go in our systems to receive the correct forms for filing those taxes at the end of the year. Note: Ream does not withhold income tax from any of our authors on Ream. As always with anything tax and finance related, I recommend speaking with a CPA, but I hope this is helpful about how our platform works at a broad level.

  4. We do not have a paid service coaching service officially affiliated with Ream or Subscriptions for Authors outside of the Six-Figure Subscription Author Accelerator. We may explore this in the future as we have had many authors request it. However, we have two mentors inside the accelerator that have also done paid coaching with authors and both have subscriptions on Ream that generate $100+ per month. You can reach out to them here and inquire about their rates, they are top notch and super fair (they get my stamp of approval as the CEO of Ream):


Hi there,

Thank you so much for this reply and information. Much appreciated indeed. Super helpful.

Apologies for this late reply. I’ve had my head down trying to finish my latest book and had to disconnect from the online world.

Thanks again.

30 May: I’m having the same issue with scheduling. I’ve uploaded all book chapters and queued them up. I set up Weekly, to go out on Mon., Wed. + Fri. @ 4:00am - and the scheduler gives me Tue., Thu., + Sun. at 9pm.

This happens across all the browsers I try. For now, it’s easy enough for me to publish manually :slight_smile:

I thought this was due to timezone differences? My understanding is that the times for updating are specific to, like…UTC or something.

Would that account for the difference?


LOL, I didn’t think of this!
Issue solved - Thank you, Gaius :blush:


Super happy that fixed it for you!