Pausing tier and transparent queue

I did not see it mentioned here but saw a similar question on FB. Is there a plan to allow pausing a tier. That could be as short as a month or longer if needed? Life happens and the queue is great to assist but I find as a reader and now as a writer that transparency is huge.

I’d like to make sure readers and followers know I have a queue and I would go so far as making sure stories published are available to them even if I pull them. So if a follower signs up thinking I have a queue of 10 chapters and a release schedule that gives them 8 in a month and I pull the story from the queue subscribers that are in that tier should get those 8 chapters for the month. That or a refund.

I know individual whats best and what is expected can vary so I’d like to keep the post focused on what features exist/need to exist to provide this. If it’s down to me managing it on my side so be it. And ultimately I think for subscription to work its about maintaining trust.

Hi Will,

You can already pause a tier by using the Archive option. Firstly, it prevents any new subscribers expecting new content while still giving access to current subscribers.

What I think you may be referring to is pausing Payments for your subscribers.
This is also possible to do on request. This halts subscription payments so that if readers aren’t going to be receiving any new content for awhile, they won’t be billed while still having access to the content you’ve already provided.
If you feel you need to pause subscriber payments for a particular tier, first archive it, then contact my team at, with your page link, tier name and a list of the subscribers who you would like paused.
Then, when you’re ready to ‘unpause’ things, just email us and let us know. Thanks!


This is so helpful, thank you. I use the pause billing function on my Patreon page so it’s nice that there’s a way to do it on my Ream subscription site.

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