More genres displayed on Ream home page?

If I were an author considering a platform and just seeing the Ream website homepage for the first time, it looks to me it’s a platform for only steamy romance by all the book cover thumbnails displayed, and nothing else. That would turn me away because I don’t write steamy romance, I write scifi; and it would feel like I would be in the wrong company here, so to speak.
Could you add more genres to the covers displayed at first glance? Because we are a group authors writing different genres.


I second this, actually :slight_smile: I was doing my usual, telling everyone about Ream, and I had a reader ask me why I was there when it’s only steamy romance.


Yep, same story here. Directed a writer friend there who is working on a big gothic literary story and after looking at it she told me that she needed a platform that wasn’t “exclusively for steamy romance.”

I understand there is a lot of negative bias to romance that feeds into these opinions, as if gothic lit and erotic romance can’t live side by side, but for now if Ream wants to build out across all genres (which is SHOULD!!!) they need to curate what is showing up on the home page, not rely on a randomizer.


I had the same reaction when I started looking into Ream. Luckily, I had several non-romance author friends who were already signed up to set me straight.


Those were our early adopters due to my wife knowing more people in the romance community.

That home page is temporary. It will be replaced with a more robust discovery solution at some point.


We are going to make this update shortly. Thank you for this awesome feedback.