New Forum Category recommendation: Marketing to readers

Discoverability is, in my opinion, Ream’s current greatest weakness.

I think we should have a forum category explicitly for authors to attract readers. Readers go there looking for new stories, authors are posting about their stories. BUT, each post topic is not to be about just one story. We’re creative types, we should come up with ideas on how to sell your story in entertaining ways.

Out of Context Quotes.
What would your MC(s) do in [specific] situation?
Write a dating-app profile for your protagonist(s).
Describe the story from the antagonist’s point of view.

These become creative writing exercises for the author and an interesting way for readers to have their curiosity provoked.

Related: There could be a recommendations category, where people ask for stories with specific elements that they are looking for.


Those sound like good ideas to me.

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